New year, new Street Zouz! For Women’s Day, we teamed up with the Nohell collective for a 100% Zouz party!


Come meet rappers, DJs, artists and designers and discover our series of screenings focused on women, their bodies and subcultures. Admission is 10€ but pre-sales are at 6.50! 

Of course, we are celebrating the Zouz, but it is not without reminding that it is above all International Women’s Rights Day. Discover our selection of documentaries that will be shown throughout the evening:




Directed by Marilou Poncin 

Marilou is a French artist who is passionate about the image. In this documentary, she went to meet activist Fannie Sosa. The latter does not twerk for others, but to regain control over her body and history. She analyses the practice of Twerk, addressing themes such as feminism and spirituality. In 2015, this documentary won the Inrocks Lab prize for new video creation.



Power of the Pussy: P.O.P

Directed by Christmas in July 1982

“Power of Pussy” is a multi part documentary series about some of the most celebrated and misjudged individuals in our culture; strippers. These women are sometimes classified as lowlifes of society, many thought to be streetwalking drug fiends with no regard for others. Some are thought to be impressionable young women, taken advantage of by men overseeing a seedy underworld. These are assumptions often made without any context from the women who live this life. This short documentary is a small look at a world many have only heard about, shedding light on how things really work for many women who have put on a g-string at some point in their lives. 

This documentary series, which has accumulated several million views on Youtube since its release in 2012, was produced by the American company Christmas in July 1982 Productions, created by Artemus Jenkins and KarynRose Bruyning.



Abortion File

Directed by Marine Perin

Marine is a video reporter. On Twitter, she describes herself as loving “lifting weights at the gym and talking about literature”. But it is mainly on YouTube, where she publishes her documentaries and reports, that she expresses herself. On her channel Marinette – Femmes et féminisme (Women and feminism, editor’s note), one of the topics she took interest in is abortion, and she shared a series of testimonies.



See you on March 8th from 7:30pm at the Station – Gare Des Mines,  29 Avenue de la Porte d’Aubervilliers, 75018 Paris.

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