Were you looking for a 100% girls night this week-end? Stop looking, Panoplie’s taking care of everything! Prepare yourself for screenings, shows, DJ sets… 50% softness + 50% violence. It’s tomorrow and it’s free! Go to L’International, at 8pm! 


Who is Panoplie?

Panoplie is your new Party Booty Call. It’s an intimate and open minded night with a quality line up in a fun context, shedding light on emerging French artists. Half clubbing and half concert make for an accessible party. It’s free entrance and it’s all night long. La Panoplie isn’t stuck in a musical style even if it leans toward all electronic savageries.


Why 100% girls?

We chose to only invite girls for this new event because, in our view, they’re the ones who constitute our musical news. For example we discovered Oh Mu and Sentimental Rave this summer, and we straight up clicked. We count a lot on them for 2018. Our events won’t always be 100% girls, we try to avoid setting limits. We are planning on doing a second edition of Girl Riot, though.


What should we expect of this second edition?

For this second edition, we prepared a both soft and violent evening. We start at 7pm with the Bad Gyalz Projection organized by L’Annexe, that offers female video makers to hijack the International’s projectors to include their own productions. At 8:30, the concerts start with the synthpop ballades of Musique Chienne, then come the bucolic pop of Oh Mu and the garage pop DIY of Belmont Witch. Around midnight the Panoplie crew takes over, firstly with Vive La Soupe that will do a selection of New Wave vinyl records. Then Loïc and Yann will drop their EBM to properly introduce Léonie Pernet, who recently dug up the legendary Corps Vs Machines. Finally, Sentimental Rave will violently close this edition with an acid techno slightly gabber.


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