Last year, we were at the vegan pop festival Smmmile at Trabendo where we had the chance to meet Gnucci. She had come with her Dj, who is not just a simple Dj. Amber Valent is also a writer and producer. During her set, Gnucci gave her the place for a few songs and ended up dancing and singing behind Amber, like a fangirl. Sitting in the Swedish women’s dressing room, we were able to interview Gnucci, to learn more about Amber, the 23-year-old singer and ask her some questions as well.


Gnucci introduced you to us so can you tell us more about you?
I produce and write everything myself. I have got an EP that came out last year, and some singles.


How did you meet Gnucci?
I won a competition with a couple of girls, where we did a song and a music video. Afterwards we and Gnucci performed at the same event and she just went up to us backstage and she was like “you keep doing what you do, never stop, just keep going” and she invited us on a song, “A.RAB”.


You performed your newest songs, some for the first time tonight. Do you have a new project coming soon?
I am actually planning on an album.



Do want to keep on doing everything yourself, from the production to the lyrics?
Mostly, but I am really down to collaborate with other people. It is just that, when it is for my own music it is kind of hard. I think I am kind of a control freak sometimes.


Did you start with the producing or the singing?
I started out with the singing and songwriting. I have always been singing and writing songs and I got kind of sick of singing pretty, so I went onward to producing. I was going to apply for the “gymnasium” in Sweden, the school when you are like 15. I applied for the music production program because I wanted to be in control and being able to build my own sound.


Is this your first tour?
Me and Ana have been playing for two years and then I’ve been touring with another band.


Was that your own band?
Not anymore. We were separate artists, but we belong to a collective called Femtastic and we did a tour. We had two female DJs and three acts. The band was called ANAYE.


ANAYE? What does it mean?
This was so long ago! We wanted something nice that had to do with feminism and our names. Basically, it is a native American religious thing. They were like demons that killed men. Maybe I am super offensive now because I don’t remember everything, but it felt good to have that name. My ancestors are native Americans so I always try to pay homage to that.



Are you Swedish as well?
Yeah, and my dad is from the US.


Nowadays it is Afrobeat Everything, but you have your own touch on it.
Yeah it’s a trend, but I wanted to mix it with something very European and very European music for me is Eurodance and stuff like that. I like to mix stuff. I call it Afrotrance. It’s fun to experiment.


One of the songs you performed tonight, “TATU”, turned into an ode to Gnucci. You have seem to have a real bond.
She is very special to me and, I think, to a lot of people. Basically, I love her mentality of bringing everybody up with you. That is kind of what happened to me. We met at that concert and we stayed in touch. She has been very supportive of my carrier and is always hyping me. We work together so there is a mutual love.


She seems to be like your big sister.
Yeah, yeah! Mama Gnucci, that is what I call her all the time, always taking care of everybody.


More and more girls are shaving their head or keeping their hair short. They either don’t want to have to care about it or just feel great with a shorter cut. How do you feel about that?
It is actually both. I hate spending time on my hair and I also had an Afro. Now it is not because I bleached it so much it is basically straight but I just love not spending time on that. You just walk out of the shower and it is done. I also have wigs for when I’m feeling very sassy.



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Photo credit: Natan Gullström

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