If you want to start the year off on the right foot and have fun like kids, rendezvous Saturday 13th, at Pavillon des Canaux. Art, music and militant associations, doors open at 8pm and it’s free! While waiting to meet them, discover Gamine, the new Parisian all-female Dj collective ready to make you dance.


Who is Gamine?

Gamine is a collective made of three women, Anastasia (dj SOEUR), Serena (dj CocoDisko), and Joanna. Serena and Anastasia co host a radio show on Radio Néo, entitled La Cabine and dealing with Club Culture. All three of us are passionate about nightlife and we wanted to organize our own nights with a feminist dimension, to overcome the lack of women and “non cis men” individuals in the Parisian nightlife.


Why “Gamine”, a term with negative connotations (ndlr Gamine roughly translates as “childish little girl”)?

We decided to name ourselves Gamine in order to reappropriate negative patriarchal denominations you can hear during your life, that are insulting and infantilizing for women, and to make it into something “positive”. As the description of our collective says, gamines and other little minxes are taking possession of the dance floor to show you that they are strong and have the power! 


What should we expect of this first night?

A lot of stands, illustrators and creators (I Love Maki, LEA SOUMALI, INGRID FEY), make up, a dressing for disguise and “draguise”, the tattoo artist Mother of Medusa, the association KÂLÎ (offers support to foreign women suffering, or having suffered, from a situation of violence and/or vulnerability because of their gender), the association A Nous La Nuit (sensibilization of discriminations linked to gender and sexuality during the night in urban spaces), and four dj sets to set the dance floor on fire all night long: CocoDisko, Soeur, Nightivities and Elias_3O8.


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