A year ago we interviewed Gnucci via e-mail after going to the Princess Nokia show at Badaboum, which she was opening. Last September, we went to the vegan pop festival Smmmile at Trabendo. We had the chance to interview Gnucci again, but this time face to face. Seated in her dressing room, we discussed the necessary changes in life and the Women ASAP concept. The Swedish singer had already given us her definition of feminism. This time, she is explaining how she feels as a female artist in her thirties.


You turned 30 this year, right?



And you are married?



No? That is what the internet says! But you are in a relationship, right?

No! Been there, done that, done with it.


Good to know!

You see a lot happens in a year!


Indeed! So how you it feels to be 30? Do you feel like you are getting old or that you want to have a child, start a family and leave the scene for a few years?



Or do you feel like you are blooming?

Yes 100%.


Because for many people when they turn 30, they feel old.

Yeah, I noticed. My mentality is like, you are a child first. There is a lot going on. Especially with trial and error, you learn a lot of things. You accumulate knowledge. Then you’re a teen and you are supposed to practice some of that knowledge. You are also supposed to figure some things out about yourself because soon enough, you will have to take responsibilities for yourself. And then you go through mistakes, right? For a long time. We all fuck it up, we all think “Oh my God I’m going to die from this anxiety and doing things for the first time”. There is a lot a first time. So by the time you’re 30, that is actually when you have learned some shit and you can choose to also learn some shit about yourself, so you know yourself. I feel like the last couple of years, I’ve just accumulated enough knowledge, especially about myself, that I know what I want and I know what I need. I don’t want to spend that on a baby or on another person, I want to spend that on me. I don’t want to spend it on a partner, I want to spend it on me. I want to feel confident about my choices, I want to feel free in my choices. That is how it feels being 30, for me. Do you feel like the general impression is that, it’s like a point of no return?


Yes, especially for women. We are supposed to stay pretty.

I was talking about that just earlier today because it is because so normalized to try and keep yourself young. I don’t understand it because change is something amazing. I’m a big fan of change. When something stays the same, for me, it is not healthy, necessarily. A body is supposed to change. There is beauty in that. So to maintain something that you think is only meant to look and not feel… Feeling young is a feeling. It doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to the appearance, but we are bombarded with that, and it is confusing sometimes.



That leads us to you saying “There is no female future, it is women asap” tonight on stage!

Well no, realistically, it is still very messed up, obviously. Basically, my world is very run by and lead by women. So I do feel like there is a very strong female presence around me, and I do feel that there is some danger defining women who actually do things as the future. I think the present accomplishments and the present doing of a lot of women is so huge that there is enough to celebrate. Also, it is more like “I don’t have time for that, just give it to me now. Give it to me yesterday. I wanted it yesterday.”


So how do you feel about being this female representative? In “Little Girls” on your album You Good I’m Good Let’s Be Great, you are talking with no censorship.

I feel great about it. It is a consciousness I have when I make music. It can be very triggering. For me, it is the fact all these things that I put in the song are normalized. I do it so blatant and direct because that is how it feels.


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Photo credit: Esteban Wautier

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