Clicking is a clickable zapping where you are served the most important news of the month. This month in the clicking: demonstrations against féminicides, yet another debate about headscarfs, the legalization of abortion and gay marriage in Ireland…


The Femen demonstrated at the Montparnasse cemetery in Paris to denounce feminicide
114 zombie silhouettes, covered with ashes, marched in a freezing calm at the Montparnasse cemetery. At the beginning of October, the French Femen carried out a shock action in Paris to denounce feminicide and the lack of resources allocated by the government to curb this scourge. “Plus écoutées mortes que vivantes” (women are more being heard dead than alive) is the slogan that summarizes the inaction of the government and law enforcement agencies in dealing with women killed by their spouses or ex-spouses. At the time of the demonstration, the collective Nous Toutes counted 114 murdered women. As I write these lines, the macabre countdown has just increased by a 131st victim. On November 23rd, in Paris, the collective Nous Toutes is organizing a march against violence against women, so that inaction stops and we no longer have to count our deaths.
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French forum on domestic violence: Marlène Schiappa unveils the first measures
On Tuesday 29 October, the 12 working groups of the Forum on domestic violence launched on 3 September last, revealed to Marlène Schiappa their 65 reform proposals. Here is a sample of the proposals that have attracted the attention of the Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men: the establishment of a clear protocol in police stations, the requisition of firearms from the first complaint, the evolution of medical confidentiality, psychological care and the specification of the legal framework for “psychological violence”. These are all measures that should be adopted following the final report of the Forum, by the end of November.
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Assa Traoré, Adama Traoré’s sister, who was assassinated by the police in 2016 ©AFP

The absurd stubbornness against Assa Traoré
Within ten days in the beginning of October, two legal proceedings were launched against Assa Traoré, Adama Traoré’s sister, who was murdered by the police in July 2016. The first procedure is linked to the fact that Assa revealed the names of the police officers involved in her brother’s death, the second, much more absurd, invokes the fact that, for a picnic organised 2 years ago in Beaumont-sur-Oise, there was a boxing game for children. It would then be an “undeclared sporting event” and Assa would be responsible for several offences.
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In Texas, a white police officer has just been charged with the murder of a black woman
Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was murdered in mid-October while playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew. The white policeman who shot her coldly said he felt a threat. The tragedy comes less than two weeks after a white female police officer was sentenced to ten years in prison for killing a black neighbor by claiming to have the wrong apartment in 2018 in Dallas, about 50 kilometres from Fort Worth, the city where Atatiana was killed.


Sara El Attar sur le plateau de CNEWS ©CNEWS

Sara El Attar puts Elizabeth Levy in her place on the question of the headscarf
During a program on CNEWS, Sara El Attar, a young project management consultant, and a very rare veiled woman invited to a French TV set, skillfully put Elizabeth Levy in her place on the hot issue of secularism and the wearing of the veil in France. A properly comeback that we never get tired watching. An important position in a discourse dominated by white men and women, who do not wear the veil, and not by the people who are actually concerned.
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Julien Odoul, elected member Rassemblement National (French far-right), attacks a veiled mother
Julien Odoul, elected member of Marine Le Pen’s party, angelic face of the “dedicabolization” of the Rassemblement National, violently attacked a mother who was wearing a headscarf and accompanying a school trip. The small group of students and chaperones were attending a plenary session of the Bordeaux Regional Council when the elected official called on the President, expressly requesting that the mother be forced to leave the premises. A sequence that was of course filmed and that caused an outcry on social networks, triggering a wave of controversy.


Jane Fonda, handcuffed during a climate march in Washington

Jane Fonda arrested and handcuffed during a climate demonstration
On Friday, October 11, while demonstrating in Washington with Oil Change International, actress Jane Fonda was handcuffed and arrested. The 81-year-old actress and activist is not at her first attempt, since she has been using her notoriety to defend feminist and other causes for decades. And this arrest, which is not the first, did not prevent her from returning to protest the following Friday.

“Kill the Gays”, the new anti-gay bill in Uganda
Uganda wants to pass a bill by the end of the year that would introduce the death penalty for homosexuals. Another step backwards for this East African country, which is already very repressive against LGBTQ+ populations and homosexual relations, considered “unnatural”.

The game “World of Warcraft” censors the name “GAY BOYS” of a group of players
The very popular online game World of Warcraft, from the Blizzard company, is still making news for the wrong reasons. Earlier this month, the moderators decided to forcefully change the name of a group of players called “Gay Boys”. The company refers to wanting to “avoid harassment”, but ultimately seems very uncomfortable with any mention of the LGBTQ+ community, which they are constantly trying to remove from their website.


Demonstrators holding signs during the CNN LGBTQ town hall ©Kyle Grillot

Protesters interrupted the CNN LGBTQ town hall to highlight the plight of black transgender women
Demonstrators interrupted CNN’s LGBTQ conference on Thursday to discuss the plight of black transgender women, who are often murdered with complete indifference. During the speech of the mayor of South Bend, Indiana (USA), Pete Buttigieg, demonstrators shouted: “People are dying, do something” and “Trans lives matter”. Buttigieg said that he shared their concerns and that he intended to take action to stop violence against black transgender women and Anderson Cooper of CNN thanked the demonstrators for taking the floor.

A helpline for victims of anti-LGBT+ discrimination and hatred has just been set up in Guadeloupe
It is the very first helpline for victims of discrimination and anti-LGBT+ hatred in Guadeloupe. It will be implemented as of November 1. Supported by the Amalgane Humanis association, the helpline called “Voix Arc-en-Ciel” will receive funding from the inter-ministerial delegation to the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBT hatred. About fifteen volunteers will be trained by Le Refuge and SOS Homophobia to run the helplines.
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Foto AP NTB scanpix.jpg
©AP/NTB scanpix

In Northern Ireland, abortion and gay marriage are finally legalized
On 22 October, Northern Ireland finally made a leap forward in modernity, decriminalizing abortion and same-sex marriage. In this country of Catholic tradition, the debate had been raging for several years for the legalization of abortion without drastic conditions, and the authorization of same-sex marriage. Taking advantage of local political paralysis, Westminster MPs voted amendments in July to extend the right to abortion and same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland if no local government was formed by Monday. These changes came into effect at midnight in Belfast, and the first same-sex marriages should be celebrated no later than Valentine’s Day 2020.


In Monaco, abortion has been decriminalized, but is still prohibited
The National Council of Monaco voted on Thursday 31 October to decriminalize abortion. But for Monegasque doctors, the practice of abortion remains prohibited. In practice, this means that women who terminate their pregnancies can no longer be punished by law. Doctors still risk between 5 to 10 years in prison for performing an abortion, but the law nevertheless allows them to refer their patients to other doctors abroad.


Women in Africa are complaining of burns caused by Always hygiene products
With the hashtag #MyAlwaysExperience, women from parts of Africa and especially Kenya complain of itching, burning and rashes when using Always brand sanitary pads. Some even say that they were convinced that these side effects were normal, stressing once again the taboo of rules and the impact that a lack of information on the issue can have. In light of all this evidence, some have come to wonder whether the product distributed in Africa was different from that available in Europe or America, an allegation that Always Kenya denies.



Prime Minister of Belgium Sophie Wilmès ©Vincent Duterne/Getty Images/via JTA

Sophie Wilmès, first woman at the head of Belgium
On 27 October, Sophie Wilmès, former Minister of the Budget, was appointed Prime Minister of Belgium by King Philippe. She succeeds Charles Michel, who has been head of government since 2014. Although she is currently only “Acting Prime Minister”, she is the first woman to hold this position in the country.


The first 100% female spacewalk in NASA
Last March, two female astronauts had to go out into space but could not because of the lack of space suits in their size… The problem has since been solved because on October 18, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir left the International Space Station (ISS) airlock together in their adapted space suit to repair a faulty power controller in orbit 400km from Earth, marking the first 100% female spacewalk. That’s one small step for these women, one giant leap for mankind!


Barbara Cassin becomes the ninth woman at the Académie française
Barbara Cassin, philosopher and linguist, made her debut this month at the prestigious Académie française, becoming the ninth woman to become immortal. In her speech, she defended the diversity of languages and cultures, claiming that “neither “globish’ nor nationalism”, “global english” being a simplified English that she said “formats thought”. For the philosopher, “European diversity is above all the diversity of its languages and cultures”.

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