The Clicking is a zapping to click where we serve you the most important news of the month. This month in the Clicking: people are fed up of LGBTphobies, the eternal debate on genders, distributions of hygienic protections and toiletries, and assaulters in power…


A teenager killed in the Paris banlieue for reporting a rape

Three teenagers aged 15 to 16 were taken into police custody on suspicion of the intentional murder of a 17-year-old boy in Sarcelles, Val d’Oise. The young man was found seriously injured in the early evening and died of his injuries later that night. A source of France Info reportedly said that the murder was a revenge after the young victim reported these three teenagers as perpetrators of a rape committed earlier in the neighborhood.



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While travelling in New York, Emmanuel Macron said in a speech “Please introduce me to the woman who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight, nine children”. It was unnoticed when Macron first said it, but soon after outraged twitter users rushed to respond with family photos under the hashtag #PostcardsForMacron.



The head of Urgence Homophobie (anti-homophobia group) beaten up in Paris

Guillaume Mélanie was attacked after leaving a restaurant in Paris. When he was saying goodbye to his colleagues on the sidewalk, he apparently was in the way of someone. The latter pushed him and then called him a “PD” (“faggot” in French) and hit him so much so that he broke his nose. Guillaume Mélanie has taken over the networks to post his bloody face with the legend “tonight it’s my turn” to condemn these homophobic attacks, which are unfortunately becoming more and more frequent.



Media coverage of the attacks 

Indeed, there has been an “increase in homophobic attacks” in recent months, which Joël Deumier, head of SOS Homophobia, thinks can be explained by the fact that victims are freeing their voice, particularly on social networks. France info recorded homophobic attacks mediated in France in 2018.



Demonstrators at the March Against Homophobia and Transphobia in Paris © IAN LANGSDON / EPA / MAXPPP


March against homophobia and transphobia in Paris

On Sunday, October 21, thousands of people gathered in Paris after the call of the association SOS homophobie and Inter-LGBT to denounce homophobic and transphobic attacks in France. The 3,000 demonstrators, according to AFP, are calling on the government to take concrete action against all LGBTphobies.



Maintaining differential treatment for homosexual blood donors

A French Socialist MP had proposed an amendment to treat homosexuals in the same way as heterosexuals with regard to blood donation. Indeed, today, homosexuals must prove sexual abstinence for one year compared to only four months for heterosexuals. Unfortunately, the National Assembly voted against this amendment by 29 votes to 23.


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Existrans, a Trans and intersex people march in Paris

The 22nd edition of Existrans took place in Paris on October 13th. 1500 people gathered to protest against invasive and non-consensual medical practices against intersex children and adolescents such as genital mutilation and forced hormone treatments. They also protest against the obligation of psychiatric follow-up for trans people who want access to care.



Uruguay passes comprehensive legislation for trans people

Uruguay is taking a further step towards equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. On October 19th, the Montevideo Parliament passed a “comprehensive law for trans people”, which allows for the self-determination of their gender identity as soon as they are 18 years old. Their choice is now indisputable, and access to education, health, work and culture is promoted.



A third gender in New York

The mayor of New York City has signed a bill that adds a third gender option on birth certificates, the gender “X”. The latter can be chosen by the residents themselves, without the need for medical advice. A big step for trans and non-binary people, which greatly facilitates gender change on their identity documents. 



Demonstrators in front of the White House © KEVIN LAMARQUE / REUTERS


On the way to gender restriction in the United States

Donald Trump continues his campaign against transgender people, and this time intends to completely restrict the legal definition of gender. He wants to make it an immutable and biological state, defined only by the sexual organs at birth. This amounts to completely denying the existence of all people of non-conforming gender.



A trans student discriminated during a safety drill at school

In Virginia, USA, a trans student was isolated during a safety drill that aims at preparing students for a mass shooting or terrorist attack. The students were asked to hide in the locker rooms, the boys on one side and the girls on the other, but the teachers were unable to find a place for this trans girl. They first took her to the bleachers, only to leave her at the entrance of the locker rooms, all alone, exposed to hypothetical danger. In the event of life or death, is it really necessary to be concerned about the gender of the students? It would be more appropriate to put their safety first.



Rico Nasty launches drive to distribute hygiene products

The rapper Rico Nasty announced on twitter that she would launch a drive to collect and distribute essential and necessary hygiene items for women. Among other things, tampons, sanitary towels and bras will be distributed to women in need. More information to come.



@brooklynrwhite on twitter


Brooklyn White creates Project Period for Thanksgiving

Journalist and artist Brooklyn White has also launched a campaign to help homeless women, Project Period. She calls on people to help her collect feminine hygiene products, finance the project and/or help distribute hygiene protection packages with wipes, underwear, chocolates, hand sanitizer and a diva cup. The distribution will take place during the week of Thanksgiving, in Shreveport, Louisiana.



Debate at TPMP (French TV) on the Fun Radio controversy on marital rape

Yet another shocking debate at Touche Pas A Mon Poste. Fun Radio has posted a survey on twitter “Charlotte can’t stand it when her boyfriend makes love to her at night when she’s sleeping. You think that’s normal?” which of course triggered a controversy and a shower of accusations. To this question, 51% (!!) replied that “no”, it was not normal that she didn’t like it. We already had a promotion of marital rape, but that was not to mention TPMP! So they debated whether it was a “real” rape or not, with the former Miss France Delphine Wespiser saying it’s “cute” and Mathieu Delormeau saying that since she wasn’t tied up it was fine, it wasn’t really a rape. 



Russian women are not protected by the state in cases of domestic violence

In February 2017, the Russian Parliament decided to decriminalize domestic violence as a first incident, one more step in a country where very little is already in place to combat violence against women. That is certainly what an 84-page report published by Human Right Watch at the end of October tells us. This report details the many barriers faced by victims who wish to report these abuses, or even simply seek help. Existing laws in Russia do not protect women, according to the report, they even tend to put them at risk, complicating procedures that need to be simplified.



Women in Liberia ©Kathleen Flynn


Co-founder of an NGO in Liberia accused of rape

Macintosh Johnson, co-founder of the humanitarian NGO More Than Me operating in Liberia, was accused of raping the girls of the school run by the association. These girls were supposed to be protected from sexual exploitation, among other things, but were in fact assaulted by Johnson. He died of AIDS in 2016, and was therefore able to infect many of his victims. The association issued a public apology, deploring Johnson’s unspeakable actions.



Taylor Swift will vote Democrat

Singer Taylor Swift published a paragraph on Instagram in which she explains her voting choices for the American midterms. The singer says she will support Tennessee’s Democratic candidates: Jim Cooper for the Senate and Phil Bredesen for the House of Representatives. She says she will vote for the protection of human rights, rights for the LGBTQ+ community and against racial, gender, or sexual orientation discrimination. 



Amy Schumer as she was arrested ©ALEX WONG / GETTY IMAGES / AFP


Demonstration against the possible appointment of Kavanaugh

Thousands of demonstrators gathered outside the US Capitol in Washington to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s possible future appointment to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh was charged with sexual assault by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and denied it, and despite his trial he is still running to become a Justice. More than 300 activists were arrested following these demonstrations, including actress Amy Schumer and model Emily Ratajkowsky. 



Official appointment of Kavanaugh

On Saturday, October 6, Kavanaugh was officially nominated as a Supreme Court Justicej. Donald Trump was filled with glee: “I applaud and congratulate the Senate for confirming our great candidate”. A new victory for the Republicans, and intense pain and disappointment for all others, including women and victims and survivors of sexual assault and rape. 



Election of the extreme right-wing populist and pro-dictatorship candidate, Jaïr Bolsonaro, in Brazil

On October 28, Jaïr Bolsonaro, an ultra-favourite far-right candidate for the Brazilian presidential election, became the head of the largest country in Latin America with more than 55% of the vote, in a country where voting is compulsory. His programme is very clear, in addition to being particularly worrying: the indigenous people of the Amazon will be deprived of all rights, the monetarization of the world’s lung being more important to him, women will still be able to dream for a few more years of a right to abortion worthy of the name, and can expect several setbacks regarding their rights. The LGBT community is already beginning to suffer the wrath of all the supporters of a candidate who has never been ashamed to say “I would rather see my son die in a car accident than be a faggot”… A whole program that is already setting dark hours for a country that has long been considered the most progressive and promising in South America.



Protesters demand justice for Sara Mardini © Sean Gallup/Getty Images Europ


Turkish humanitarian heroine jailed by Greek authorities

Sara Mardini is known to have saved the lives of the 18 refugees who were trying to reach the Greek border from Turkey along with her. She and her sister had pulled their boat to the Greek coast by swimming alongside of it. Since then, she has been studying in Berlin as well as doing humanitarian work in Greece with the European Response Centre International, to help refugees. She was arrested in August by the Greek police and has been in prison ever since. She was tried this month and faces charges of criminal involvement (with the ERCI association), money laundering, as well as espionage (through the use of binoculars and radio transmitters). Yet, a large number of accusations were made against her on days when she was not in Greece, but in Berlin. People are demanding justice for this heroine.



Nobel Peace Prize for Denis Mukwege, “the man who repairs women”, and Nadia Murad, a Yezidi activist

The Congolese gynecologist and the former slave of the Islamic State were rewarded “for their efforts to put an end to the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war”. Denis Mukwege performs reconstructive surgery for women victims of war rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2014, he also launched a male feminist movement, V-Men Congo. Nadia Murad was forcibly married, beaten, tortured, raped, and sold as a slave. She managed to escape and is now fighting to protect Yezidi women, who are still victims of this violence. 


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