Women’s march in Istanbul, 8 march 2019 © KOSE


Clicking is a clickable zapping where you are provided with the most important news of the month. This month in the Clicking: abortion laws, police violence, unjust sentencing in Iran and Chechnya, homophobic assaults…


Turkish police throw tear gas grenades at demonstrators on International Women’s Rights Day in Istanbul

On March 8, which is International Women’s Rights Day, a thousand people demonstrated in Istanbul despite the Turkish police’s earlier announcement that all demonstrations were banned in the city centre. The police used tear gas to disperse the crowd and threw dogs at the demonstrators, while women’s rights activists accused Recep Tayyip Erdogande’s government of not condemning violence against women enough. 



French gynaecologist syndicate threatens to stop abortion practice, activist files complaint

A feminist activist in Group F. filed a complaint against the Syndicat national des gynécologues et obstétriciens de France (Syngof) with the Paris public prosecutor. She accused them, among other things, of “inciting to obstruct abortion”. The union threatened to stop abortion practices to get people talking about them in order to negotiate the guarantee fund for their profession, which has nothing to do with abortion. The activist wants the National Council of the Medical Association to be informed so that the Syngof can be sanctioned.

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In France, the abortion conscience clause in great debate

The conscience clause gives doctors the choice not to perform abortions and requires them to communicate with another doctor who could perform the procedure. Left-wing elected officials are trying in vain to delete this clause, which dates back to 1975 and which, in their opinion, no longer has any reason to exist. The Minister of Health replied that this was a “false good idea” because at least women were clearly informed about their doctors’ intentions, explaining that it would complicate abortions if doctors were not within the conscience clause but did not want to perform abortions anyway. 

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Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh ©AFP/Arash Ashourinia

The unjust sentencing of Iranian activist Nasrin Sotoudeh

Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh had been in prison since June 2018 on espionage charges, but was recently sentenced again after appearing in court without wearing the mandatory veil. She was sentenced to an additional ten years in prison and 148 lashes for “inciting debauchery”. The head of French diplomacy, Jean-Yves Le Drian, denounces the conditions under which this activist was tried and undertakes to do everything possible to obtain her release.



Another measure limiting the right to abortion in the United States

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has signed one of the strictest abortion laws in the United States. This measure prohibits most abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat is detected, about six weeks after the beginning of pregnancy. Doctors who still perform an abortion would then be liable to revoke their medical license. However, abortion could be accepted after a heartbeat is detected if a pregnancy endangers a mother’s life, but the exceptions for pregnancies caused by rape or incest have been rejected. A law that still undermines women’s rights…



An insulting joke about the 3rd gender made by Angela Merkel’s heir apparent

The president of the German Christian Democratic Party Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer created controversy with a joke about the third gender. At a carnival in Stockach, Germany, she participated in a skit and openly mocked intersex people by making a joke about men in Berlin who would only drink “latte macchiato” and go to the third sex toilets because they don’t know whether they should pee standing or sitting. The (very) bad taste joke got her a lot of criticism.


Rafiki actresses, Sheila Munyiva and Samantha Mugatsia ©getty images

Banned movie Rafiki’s main actress awarded

Samantha Mugatsia plays a lesbian in the Kenyan film Rafiki, which was banned in Kenya last year on charges of “promoting lesbianism” when homosexuality is illegal in that country. The actress was awarded the prize for best actress at the Fespaco festival in Burkina Faso, a great victory for her, the director, and for the LGBTQ+ community!



Chechnya, The Purge, a short film about the massacre of the LGBTQ+ community in Chechnya

French director Jordan Goldnadel has released Chechnya, The Purge on France 3 (French TV channel), a short film in which he discusses the massacre of homosexuals in Chechnya. He tells the story of a young man whose partner is arrested by the authorities, then gets himself arrested some time later, where he is then tortured by national police officers. The short film won an award at the St Paul Festival, including the Human Rights Prize.


Oyub Titiev, human rights defender detained in Russia ©AP Photo/Musa Sadulayev

Oyub Titiev unfairly sentenced to four years in prison in Chechnya

The great human rights defender Oyub Titiev was sentenced on 18 March to four years in prison by a Chechen court. Together with Memorial, the human rights NGO with which he worked, he documented serious rights violations in Chechnya, which the authorities obviously did not like. He had been detained since his arrest on January 9, 2018, for large-scale marijuana possession. Despite evidence that these accusations were fabricated, Titiev was humiliated and convicted to serve as an example.



Homophobic attack with a cutter in Lyon (France)

A couple of women were assaulted by a gang of young girls in Lyon, while they were walking around holding hands. They were first insulted and then assaulted, and one of the two young women was violently wounded in the face with a cutter. According to the French Ministry of the Interior, 262 complaints of homophobic attacks were filed between January and September 2018, 15% more than in 2017.

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Perpignan (France) hospital responds to accusations of homophobia

On March 10, a homosexual mother accused the paediatric emergencies at the Perpignan hospital (France) of discrimination after she took her three-year-old son there. Indeed, although she and her partner explained that they shared parental authority, the institution reportedly refused to allow one of them to accompany their son to the care room. The hospital explains: “As in many hospitals, the practice is indeed to leave only one parent to accompany the child during medical and nursing care (…) It would seem that a lack of communication or explanation could have led the two mothers to believe that this was discrimination, whereas it was not. »

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The disgusting game “Rape Day” removed from an online gaming site

The online game distribution platform Steam had a project to release the game “Rape Day”, produced by Valve, which offered the player to rape and kill women in a survival game. No less! The game project was finally cancelled on March 4 after staying on the site for two weeks.



Martha McSally in Washington. ©JOSHUA ROBERTS / REUTERS

Arizona Republican Senator recounts sexual abuse in the military

Arizona senator Martha McSally, the first female combat pilot in the history of the U.S. military and squadron leader, spoke in the Senate about sexual abuse in the army. She claims to have been “hunted down and raped by a senior officer” but does not reveal either the name or the date of the events. She explains that she did not dare to report the attack at the time, due to a lack of trust in the system. She is breaking the silence today to become “a voice for women” in the army and in politics.



NYPD officers simply charged with professional misconduct after raping a young woman

Charges of rape against two former New York police officers accused of sexual assault on a young woman after her arrest in Brooklyn were dropped. The young woman was 18 years old when detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall arrested her for possession of marijuana in 2017. She stated that they assaulted and raped her several times in a police van while she was handcuffed. But Brooklyn prosecutor Eric Gonzalez dropped dozens of charges of rape, sexual assault and kidnapping on Wednesday, citing inconsistencies in the victim’s testimony. The police officers were simply charged with professional misconduct….



She files a complaint against police violence and ends up convicted of rebellion against the public authority

A 47-year-old nurse was convicted on 14 March of contempt and rebellion against public authority by the Evry (France) Criminal Court, even though she herself had filed a complaint against police violence. She honked a police car after they made a dangerous U-turn right in front of her, and was checked for about fifteen minutes by the officers. She finally dropped an insult in her beard, and the police then pulled her out of the car, twisted her arm and blocked her with her foot and handcuffed her violently. As her complaint against the police was dismissed without further action, she was not present at her trial and was sentenced to one month in prison. 

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Capture d’écran 2019-04-17 à 20.37.28.png
Lilly Singh with Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers ©instagram

Lilly Singh becomes the first woman to present a Late Night Show in the United States

Lilly Singh, the Canadian youtuber also known as “superwoman”, becomes the first woman to have her Late Night Show in the United States! The young woman will be able to host her own talk show on the NBC. A news to savor, because not only is she a young woman, but she is also bisexual and of Indian descent! 



Janet Jackson enters the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

On March 29, 2019, Janet Jackson made her debut at the famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York. She was inducted by Janelle Monaé, who gave a very moving speech, defining her as the legendary queen of the “black girl magic”, a movement that celebrates black women.



Berklee College of Music awards Missy Elliott an honorary doctorate

Missy Elliott will soon have the honor of being awarded an honorary doctorate, an honorary title awarded by a university to a prominent personality, from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. She thus became the first female rapper in history to receive a diploma of this kind from this institution.


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