The Clicking is a clickable zapping where we serve you the most important news of the month. This month in the Clicking: a new shelter for homeless women in Paris, more and more transphobic attacks around the world and a dress so scandalous that it triggered legal proceedings… 


La Cité des dames: a new shelter for homeless women

In the 13th arrondissement of Paris, a new homeless shelter has just opened. But it has one particular specificity: it is exclusively for women. It has a reception center open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, with a staff of 70 people and a capacity of about 50 places. It is the second facility of this kind that has opened in the capital, providing homeless women with a shelter, but also with appropriate medical and psychological care.

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“Not here to dance! “: The platform of Ada Hegerberg, winner of the Ballon d’Or

Last December, Olympique Lyonnais footballer Ada Hegerberg won the first ever Women’s Ballon d’Or (“Golden ball”) in the history of football. During the ceremony, Martin Solveig, the presenter, thought it would be a good idea to ask the athlete if she could twerk. The sexist and inappropriate commentary was, of course, controversial and much discussed in the hours and days that followed. Ada Hegerberg looked back on that night that marked her life, that night of which she is so proud and that consecrated her career, but also all the tireless efforts of women in football. She also came back to this comment, and she doesn’t want to give it too much importance: she won the Ballon d’Or, she was not there to dance.



The first transgender participant at Miss Universe wants to become a role model for transgender children

Angela Ponce, a beautiful 26-year-old young woman, is the first transgender woman to compete in the Miss Universe competition. She was representing Spain and did not win the competition, but used this international stage as a platform to spread her message around the world. She aims to become an example for all transgender children, and to alert people to the particularly high suicide rates of transgender people around the world.



Still from the new Pantene Philippines campaign featuring Kevin Ballot, ©Pantene Philippines

“The girl named Kevin”: the new Pantene ad that promotes the inclusiveness of LGBTQ+ communities

The latest Pantene advertising campaign in the Philippines is cause for celebration. It features the transgender beauty queen, Kevin Ballot, in an inspiring video of just under two minutes. The young woman encourages to “be stronger” and “be yourself”, because “everything beautiful in you has nothing to do with your gender”. A campaign that is more than welcome in the current context, and which proves that LGBTQ+ struggles, although far from being all that successful, allow more and more inclusiveness and visibility.

An assistant principal suspended in West Virginia after transgender harassment claims

The assistant of a West Virginia high school principal in the United States has just been suspended from duty following accusations of transphobic harassment against a student at the school. The teacher reportedly assaulted the 15-year-old boy while he was in the men’s bathroom. He reportedly said that he had nothing to do here, because he was not a boy and that he was strange and “freaking [him] out”. The young man’s parents naturally filed a complaint against the administration of the school and against the assistant to the principal.

Lauren McCluskey went to the authorities six times in ten days before her ex-boyfriend killed her.

On October 22, 2018, the University of Utah’s young track star Lauren McCluskey was killed by her ex-boyfriend. It was revealed that the young woman reportedly notified the campus authorities six separate times in the last 10 days before her murder. Campus police, having never responded to her repeated requests for help, now say that the murder of the young runner “was not predictable”.



Photo taken during the night walk on the campus of the University of Bordeaux, France, ©Ivan Torres, DR

A wave of sexist and sexual assaults shakes the University of Bordeaux, France

On November 26, a young woman was raped at a bus stop on the campus of the University of Bordeaux. A few days later, several women were physically and verbally assaulted by the same man. Since then, the women on campus have decided to take the floor: they have launched a petition calling for “a real fight against sexual assault” and have organized a night march to “enlighten the dark areas of the campus”.

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Lille, France: victim of a homophobic attack, the police refuse to receive his complaint

A man in his thirties and his companion were wounded on Wednesday, December 26th in Lille, France, in a fight against three other men. The latter allegedly uttered homophobic slurs against the couple. When they went to the authorities to file a complaint, the police station refused to take their complaint on the grounds that they did not have a medical certificate, and that “they did not have to hold each other by the arm”. An investigation has been opened, and one of the victims plans to file a complaint for “intentional homophobic violence” against his attackers and “failure to assist a person in danger” against the Lille police. 

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An alleged victim of Kevin Spacey filmed part of the attack

According to AFP, the young man who accused Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting him in the summer of 2016 allegedly filmed part of the scene on Snapchat. He reportedly sent messages, as well as a video to his girlfriend during the attack. Complaints are piling up against the actor, but this is the only one that has led to charges so far. Other investigations have been opened, again following complaints against Kevin Spacey, particularly in Los Angeles and London. 


We need to take the rape accusations against Cristiano Ronaldo seriously

The world-famous football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, is currently facing a rape charge against a young woman. The facts would go back to 2009, and although the story quickly ended in 2010 following a monetary agreement with the young woman, she decided to speak up and finally file a complaint. A complaint that must be taken very seriously when we know that the player himself admitted to having forced the young woman, who repeatedly said “no” and explicitly expressed that she did not want to sleep with him… And yet the media does not seem to be thrilled by the story, always preferring to highlight the footballer’s exploits at the Juventus club in Turin, rather than his crimes for which he pleads guilty himself.



Rania Youssef on the red carpet of the Cairo International Film Festival, ©Getty Image

An Egyptian actress accused of “obscenity” because of a dress

Rania Youssef is a young Egyptian actress. The rising star was naturally invited to the Cairo International Film Festival, where she arrived in a beautiful semi-transparent dress revealing black high waist panties and the young woman’s shapes. The outfit has been a sensation in the fashion world, but doesn’t seem to be to everyone’s taste. Indeed, a group of Egyptian lawyers has just sued Rania for “inciting debauchery” and “violating Egyptian values”. While the actress seems to have apologized since then on social networks, she continues to receive a constant stream of insults and criticism, following her choice of clothes.


Tumblr categorizes female nipples as pornography, users are protesting

In early December, the free online blogging platform, Tumblr, announced a major clean-up of its website to permanently remove (and eventually ban) all pornographic content, aimed at making the site more suitable for a younger audience. The problem occurred when reading the application’s press release, which states that any content “photos or videos of genitalia, sexual acts and female-presenting nipples” will disappear. Just as Instagram has been controversial in the past with the use of the absurd double standard for male nipples (which are not pornographic) and female nipples (which are, of course), Tumblr is now facing a wave of mass protest and unsubscription. Who knows, maybe one day the tech giants will understand, a nipple is just a nipple. 



Cover: Ada Hegerberg celebrating her historic victory, ©Christophe Ena, AFP

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